Welcome to Fire Mountain Massage

Our Mission

Our mission is to  provide excellent care with high quality products for those individuals who are active at work, at play, or those that require time to relax.

Our Founder

mary hoskins-black-white-3Mary Hoskins is a Board Certified Massage Therapist (BCTMB) and has been practicing massage therapy since 2007.  A native of “Up State” New York, Mary’s diverse background in both professional work and extreme sports activities led her to the pursuit of helping others through massage therapy.

In addition to a Degree in Natural Health Medicine, she also holds a B.S. Degree in Aviation Management, A.S. Degree in Flight Operations, and is a Certified Skydiver, Private Pilot and a FAA Dispatcher.  In one way or another, these qualifications seemed to direct Mary toward the mountains, whether in the United States or abroad.  From living in Montana being a “Ski/Snowboarder Bum”, to the White Mountains of New Hampshire doing the same while attending college, the opportunity to combine a mountain experience with a skydiving one would someday present itself.

In 2009, Mary had the opportunity to participate in the Everest Skydive Team where the journey took her to Mount Everest in the Sagamarth National Park of Nepal.  In the role as Client Hostess and Oxygen Specialist, Mary and the team trekked up the mountain to base camps and then conducted skydiving operations from 30,000 feet in front of Mount Everest.  Being the 2nd American and 4th Woman to have made this journey, she completed two more subsequent trips. Mary still continues to act as a booking agent for those located in the United States who may be interested in this epic experience.

Our Name

The name “Fire Mountain Massage”, was inspired by her reflection and a flash back to a specific moment when driving into the Rocky Mountains for the first time and listening to the song, “Fire On the Mountain” by the Grateful Dead. What a long strange trip it’s been.